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How to get water out of your ear?

Do you think you have got water in your ears and you are afraid of having an ear infection? 

You are searching sites and you are overthinking the fact of what will happen if water remains stuck in your ear. 

However, you have come to the right place because we are the experts and we know the best ways on how to get water out of your ears.

This is not something that you should panic about, everyone accidentally gets water inside your ears. 

This is something that most adults and children face because they indulge in some water activities. For instance, it’s summertime! You are swimming in a pool for longer periods, splashing water, and diving underwater. 

Maybe you are the kind of person who loves taking long showers and during that time some water entered your ear. 

There is a possibility that you were exercising or working under the intense heat when the drops of sweat trickled down your ear canal. There are several ways water can flow into your ear canal.

You feel something jostling inside your ear. At times you may also feel these tingling sensations inside your ear or down your throat and you feel like scratching that area. You may also hear muffled noises while people are talking to you. 

Those are the signs and symptoms you may experience when water enters your ears.
Most of the time our ears secrete this waxy liquid called cerumen that pushes the water out of our ear canal, that is a natural way of getting it out of your ears. 

How to get water out of your ear?

However, if you do feel that there is some of it left inside your ear then keep reading. We will explain everything in great detail: 

why and how to get water outside of your ear, what happens if you don’t do this as soon as possible, and what will be the result of not taking a quick action about this matter. 

We will answer all the questions that are clouding in your mind right now, so stay with us till the end.

Why do you need to take quick action?

We cannot stress this enough but if water does enter your ear and you don’t manage or try to get it out. It will create an environment with all the favourable conditions – damp and humid – for bacteria to grow. 

The bacteria may grow into an infection inside your ears, this infection is also known as ‘swimmer’s ear’. 

If you see any of the symptoms like there may be a red rash inside your ear canal, which may feel itchy that will make you feel uncomfortable. A colourless liquid or yellow pus may also start to flow from your ear canal.

In the later stages, the outer ear canal may swell up and become red which is also really painful. If you don’t see a doctor and get it treated it may spread all over your ear and in some parts of the skull as well.

How to get water out of your ear?

Indeed, swimmer’s ear is not a severe infection, it may not last long enough and may disappear without treatment. 

Clean the outside of your ear with a soft cloth or towel but we suggest that you don’t use earbuds. 

However, we highly recommend that if you are feeling any kind of initial symptoms put some antibiotic ear drops inside your ear which will inhibit the growth of the bacteria.

Use swimmer’s eardrops if your ears feel itchy, you can get find them at your nearest store. You can also soak a cloth in warm water and place it on the infected ear it will soothe the pain. 

Don’t use a heating pad as there might be a possibility that you will end up burning yourself.
If your condition has got out of hands and you believe that it has become something chronic. Consult your doctor and set an appointment with them.

How to get water out of your ears?

You are probably here because you feel that you got water stuck inside your ear. Don’t take any further action that might cause some other problem. 

Just follow these simple steps on how to get water outside of your ear and it will make things simpler for you:

When you get out of the pool or you come out of the shower, you should do this step. Tilt your heads sideways towards the ground and hold your ear to jostle it. 

Make sure that you place your thumb behind your ear and clutch the ear lobe with the index finger. This can help move things inside your ear and water will flow out of your ear canal.

You can also clean the outer part of your ear with a soft towel or cloth. Clean only the outside curve of the opening of the canal with the cloth as well. 

How to get water out of your ear?

We suggest the use of soft materials because you will be using them for your ear which is a sensitive organ. A little accident there and you may cause some kind of damage, unknowingly.

1.    Another easy tip that you can use to get water out if by laying on the side of the infected ear. Place a towel or a cloth underneath your ear so that it soaks the water that comes out.

2.    Jaw movements can also help open your Eustachian tubes. To make that happen, you can try yawn or chew a gum that will help to push water outside of your canal. When you do this make sure that you tilt our head sideways and downwards, then jiggle your ear as told in step one.

3.    Pinch your nose tightly and shut your mouth close. Then you can exhale the air, the pressure that will be created inside your mouth can also move water out and open your ears. Pop! Looks like you opened your ears and you can hear now. This is one of the best ways how you can get water outside of your ear.

4.    Place your palm on your infected ear, in a way that it is shaped like a cup. By pushing your palm in and outwards you will remove all of the air presents between your palm and the ear. This will create a vacuum that will pull out the water from your ear. This is a common way how to get water out of your ears.

5.    To unblock your ears, you can also use over-the-counter or OTC medicine drops. They contain alcohol and other contents that kill bacteria and open the canal of your ears by softening the wax. This will help make space for the water to move out of the ear through the canal.

6.    Set the blow dryer setting to low heat and keep it an inch away from the infected ear. Blow the warm air into your ear and this will help to dry up the water lining the canals.

7.    This is one of the methods of how you can get water out of your ear quickly but you need to be extra careful. Make sure the air is not hot enough to burn your ear.

Use a dropper and pour a few drops of olive oil into your ear. Lay down in such a way that the infected ear is on top or you can keep sitting and tilt your head on the side of the ear that is not infected downwards. Stay in this position for five minutes and this will help the oil to 

     What methods not to use to get water out of the ear?

If you want to know how to get water out of your ear, we suggest that you only act upon the steps mentioned above.

However, we will also state other ways that people use to get water out of their ear but they are pretty dangerous causing great damage. 

We can’t stress this enough but if you are doing any of these things to remove water from your ear, stop and scroll up to read how to get water out of your ear in the correct and safest ways.

The following methods should not be used to get water out of your ear:

Don’t stick an earbud or your finger inside your ear. 

You may scratch off the delicate outer lining of the canal that can turn into an infection or you may damage your eardrum.

Don’t use hydrogen peroxide drops if you already have a ruptured eardrum or an itchy ear canal. 

The peroxide might have this burning effect on the rash or damaged areas. If you feel pain stinging inside your ears, we recommend you not to use those drops. 

Call your doctor and tell him or her about the problem you are facing, they will tell you what to do next.

How to get water out of your ear?

Some people also put more water in the ear but there is a possibility that you can get more of it into your ear. This will completely block your ears and make the situation worse. You will also allow bacteria to start growing inside your ear and that may cause a severe infection.

How to prevent water from entering the ear?

I am not going to stop you from going for a swim, after all, that’s the highlight of the summer. However, if you don’t want to get a swimmer’s ear or any other kind of ear infection then you need to take some measures to prevent water from entering your ears.

If you are a gold medalist swimmer who is pretty serious about the sport and is not ready to take any kind of chances. 

We recommend that you wear a swimming cap and earplugs before you dive into the pool. Whenever you come out of the pool or the shower, clean the outer part of your ear with a cotton cloth or towel, and if you can pour over-the-counter ear drops into your ear.

Going to take a shower but you are afraid of getting water inside your ear? Take a soft cotton ball and apply a small amount of petroleum jelly – Vaseline work too – and place them on the outer opening of your ears. 

However, you need to be mindful when placing the cotton balls in your ear. Make sure they are not inserted in deep the canal and they might block your ears. 

If something like that does happen to go to the doctor instantly and get it out by them – don’t use any of your methods or take it out. 

However, to prevent that from happening we suggest that you take a bigger ball of cotton, it should be bigger than the opening of your canal.

If your ears are already blocked because of that wax and if you get it removed will open your ears and will prevent water from getting stuck in your ears. 

If you want to use a suction pump that’s fine but we suggest you get that work from a doctor. For instance, you do have this incident in your life again, you can use these best tips on how to get water out of your ear.

Still here? Well, that’s great now you know how to get water out your ear you can go and apply these tips. 

If they prove effective for you then that’s great! You can now allow your child to jump back into the swimming and splash water everywhere without worrying that the swimmer’s ear will reappear in your ears again. 

You can even tell your friends or family members if they have got water stuck in their ear, now that you are an expert.

Now you can go and keep practising as hard as you want to. Go fill your wall with gold medals now!

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