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Coronavirus will Detoxified by Hydrogen Peroxide and isopropanol Solution

Coronavirus is a very weak virus it will be detoxified by the use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 2% and 70% isopropanol in the water (use as a sanitizer). (Keasler et al., 2018)

First of all, we will not be dread and stay peaceful. We will not fight against viruses in the form of medication as a whole but we will break the transmission chain of this virus by the use of preventive measures and some precautions.

If we will break the transmission chain of this virus then we will be winning against it. First of all, we will be defending our old age people and children from this virus by the using of preventive measure like proper hygienic condition, using a facemask, avoiding from touching any un-hygienic things and away from those things which cause the respiratory problems like smoking, alcohol, laziness, and overeating like fast food, etc.

Because older age people have very weak immune and muscul-o-skeletal system with age. If anyone has a cough, sore throat, flu, and fever. Kindly consult the nearby doctor and take medicine.


If anyone having persistent cough then they will be going for screening and isolate from others. Our mission is to break the transmission chain of coronavirus which continuously transmitted to others from humans to humans and other things where this virus is present. If a person is affected by this virus first three days test will show negative results and in the next 5 days will showing the positive test results and after that will show a negative result.

Its life spans 5 to 7 days in the human body and then replicate to another host for changing the genetic makeup.

It will be an effect on the human throat and goes into human lungs where do fibrous of the lung tissues that’s why patients having disturbance to take the breath, smoker, and other addicted types of inhaled and make the smoke those types of patients will be affected from this virus. Sometimes sign and symptoms will not show in affected people and living lifestyle is normal. The simple way to access the sign of the fibrous tissue of the lungs,

Inhale the fresh breath and stop the breath for 10 seconds in the morning, if coughing will not produce in 10 seconds it’s a good sign if coughing is produced persistently; kindly consult with the doctor as soon as possible.

Note. Smoking is not suitable 


  1. Use a suitable and protective mask.
  2. Don’t touch contaminated without any gloves 
  3. Wash the face and hand 5 to 7 time per day 
  4. Use suitable clothing and overall
  5. Use the best sanitizer during traveling and other types of destinations


Walk in the morning 10 to 20 min, it will be helpful for your lungs, decrease the brain stress, control blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and digestive system and make the immune system strong and active.

Breathing exercise

Inhale the fresh breath and stop the breath for 10 seconds in the morning, It will make lung tissues strong and prevent from fibrous of the lung tissues.


Keasler, V., De Paula, R., Li, J., McSherry, D. D., Herdt, B., & Staub, R. (2018). Use of peracetic acid/hydrogen peroxide and peroxide-reducing enzymes for the treatment of drilling fluids, frac fluids, flow back water, and disposal water: Google Patents.

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