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Applications That Will Assist in Coronavirus Pandemic

Applications That Will Assist You Maintain Your Health and Operate the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Apple COVID-19.

Apple COVID-19.

The Apple COVID-19 app gives users with reliable information about the coronavirus, and stay-healthy guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other advanced sources.

The screening mechanism can help you decide if you are at a higher risk of catching the virus. The app also provides the next measures on what to do if you think you have it and how to get tested.


This application enables you to create a patient profile where patients can enter their medical records and nearby providers.

Users upload their therapeutic data into the application, which they can simply send to a provider and no longer fill out 1ten pages of forms every time you attend the doctor.  This application is especially helpful if you need to visit a physician while travelling and do not have time to dig up all of your therapeutic paperwork.

Victims can search for consultants by specialization and place, but users need to contact the doctor's office to determine if their insurance plan is accepted. All doctors highlighted on the application are attached to the Healthlynked app.

Health Tap.

If you guess you might have COVID-19, the last thing you want to do is contaminate other people.

This application gives you ant time access to physicians through text, phone, and video calls so that you do not have to put anyone else at danger by making a trip to the expert.

On The Health Tap, virtual doctors are ready to fill prescriptions, order lab tests, and connect you to specialists, all from your telephone.

Center for Disease Control.

The best place to get reliable coronavirus knowledge is the CDC. Stay connected with the apps' news feed of regularly updated information on COVID-19 and other diseases through means like podcasts, videos, and articles.


The COVID-19! application presents users with colourful maps and graphics about coronavirus revolution information, including up-to-date charts that pinpoint the regions where the infection has reached. It allows you to simply see how the virus is hitting your area.

Corona Checker by Open Med.

The Corona Checker application is an expansion of the Open Med app. It guides you by an AI-directed chat to decide if you fit for a COVID-19 test.

If your marks fit the CDC's standards for getting tested, a lab in the Open Med network will make and send a test application form to your physician.

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