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What is Diabetes

Hi.!!  My name is Dr. Asad and today we will be discussing diabetes what exactly is diabetes.
it's a disease where the body's not able to use and store glucose also known as blood sugar properly. 

This can be a very serious disease but it can be controlled under the supervision of a doctor.
Typically after eating the body breaks down food into sugar in insulin, a hormone made in the body acts like a key to open the door to cells in the body, so sugar can enter and be used for energy. 

What is Diabetes

If someone has diabetes there is a problem with that key insulin and sugar has trouble getting into the cells. There are two types of diabetes and each type has a different problem with a key.

In the first type of diabetes, sugar cannot enter cells because the body attacks the locksmith called the pancreas where insulin is made. People with this type of diabetes need to take insulin in order to live. 

In the second type of diabetes, there could be a few reasons why the body is not properly using and storing blood sugar .one reason could be a lack of keys there's simply not enough insulin being made. Another reason is the storehouse of sugar called the liver might not be storing and releasing glucose properly.

Yet another reason could be the locks are not responding well to the keys so it takes more tries to open the door and get sugar into the cells. Symptoms of diabetes include but they're not limited to blurred vision, frequent urination, feeling really thirsty or sudden weight loss. 

So if these symptoms in common, it's important to see a doctor and discuss the symptoms with them.

To conclude:

Diabetes is a disease where the body's not able to use and store glucose properly. There are two types of disease. Symptoms include blurred vision frequent urination excessive thirst or sudden weight loss if these symptoms are common. Contact a doctor today to rule out diabetes. it can be controlled but it is important to do that under the supervision of a doctor.

I hope You will like my Article.

Thank You..!!

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